BME at FMC and School of Medicine

Flinders Biomedical Engineering (FBE) delivers a comprehensive range of biomedical engineering services to Flinders Medical Centre and the School of Medicine at Flinders University. Biomedical equipment in Flinders Medical Centre is managed from purchase through to disposal. Medical researchers are supported by development of new biomedical devices. Contact FBE

 Our mission: To excel in biomedical engineering support, research and training.

Supporting Patient Care

Supporting patient care

FBE supports medical and laboratory devices used in patient care throughout Flinders Medical Centre. Support covers devices from selection and assessment, through a life time of care, to decommissioning and disposal.

Supporting Research

Small perspex organ bath

FBE supports researchers in the Flinders University School of Medicine with extensive mechanical, electronic and programming resources, to enable development of research devices from original concept.



Training on anaesthetic machines

Training packages have been developed by FBE for clincial engineers and biomedical technicians.

Do you need more training on biomedical devices you support?

BEST Online Biomedical Engineering Support Training has a free sample course available (NIBP devices)

Own Research

Light source for non-invasive bilirubin  measurement FBE participate in self-initiated and collaborative research. Collaborations include FMC clinicians, FU researchers and external groups. FBE is involved in Industry Practicums undertaken by Flinders University Biomedical Engineering students.




SA BME Director John Robson FBE have had considerable overseas experience in consultancy, analytical evaluation of biomedical engineering services, and advice on biomedical engineering training courses in several countries.

Device Commercialisation

Commercial item: Perometer trolley

FBE has a pool of technical and engineering knowledge with more than 30 years experience in the creation of new devices from original concept, through to clinical trials and prototype manufacture