BEAG - Biomedical Engineering Advisory Group (SA)

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BEAG Guidance Papers

BEAG Mobile Communication Devices Guidance Paper (PDF 103KB)
A guide to the safe use of mobile phones, walkie talkies and other hand held communications devices in an environment where the interference with biomedical devices may occur.

BEAG Computer Workstations Guidance Paper (PDF 88KB)
A guide on how computing equipment can be safely used in patient environments.

BEAG Life Span of Biomedical Devices Guidance Paper (PDF 503KB)
A guide on the typical life span of biomedical devices.

BEAG-Medical Devices and RCDs-Guidance paper (PDF 43KB)
A guide on the use of RCDs (safety switches) with biomedical devices.



BEAG - Biomedical Engineering Advisory Group (SA)