Introduction to typical medical devices & laboratory equipment

A straight forward description of typical medical devices and laboratory equipment that Bio-meds will come across in hospitals as they go about their tasks. Good for "just-been-born" Bio-meds, it may also be useful for those who have English as a second language.  The contents of these pages were derived from teaching material created and compiled by FBE.

Anaesthesia MachinesAspirators  
Biochemistry Analyser Bio-hazard Blood Cell Counter Blood Gas Analyser
Blood Pressure MonitorsBlood Warmers  
CapnographsCardiotocographsCold Light Sources 
DefibrillatorsDental Chairs  
Electrical Safety ElectrocardiographElectroencephalographsElectromyographs
EndoscopeElectro-Surgical Units  
HaemodialysisHPLC Humidifiers 
Intra Aortic Balloon PumpsInfant IncubatorInfusion Pumps SyringeInfusion Pumps Volumetric
Medical FlowmeterMedical RegulatorMicroscopes 

Non Invasive Blood Pressure

Patient MonitorPCR PeltierPhototherapy
Pulse OximetersRadiant WarmersRipple Mattress 
Short WaveTreadmillsUltrasound 
VentilatorsX-ray Machines   

Medical Devices Equipment Orientation (PDF 1MB)

Laboratory Equipment .pdf coming soon 

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