Laboratory Group

The Laboratory Group supports laboratory, diagnostic and analytical equipment within the Flinders Medical Centre campus. They are involved in considerable external activities: maintenance contracts, diagnostic equipment training, and overseas consultation. Contact Laboratory Group

Jos with centrifuge
Jos with centrifuge


The Laboratory Group has 7 technical staff that manage scientific and medical instrumentation used in teaching, research and diagnostic laboratories. The equipment includes:

  • centrifuges
  • waterbaths
  • radiation counters
  • chromatography equipment
  • blood gas analysers
  • ion selective electrode equipment
  • microscopes
  • CO2 incubators.

Lab Group staff

Rear: Colin Jacks, Phil Spencer, Mark Lockwood, Owen Stephens, Muddasir Nazir, Peter Buck

Front: Barry Nicholls, Noel Kitto (Group Leader) & Peter Collin (Isn't he in the clinical group too?),
Absent: Joslyn Fernandez, Malaysia

NATA Certification

The Laboratory Group have national NATA certification for their pipette calibration facility and laboratory balance calibration (100ug to 2kg) using NMI certified masses. Accreditation Number: 13967.  

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For pipette calibration
contact FBE Pty Ltd.