Supporting Patient Care

FBE supports medical and laboratory devices used in patient care throughout Flinders Medical Centre. Support covers devices from selection and assessment, through a life time of care, to decommissioning and disposal.

  • clinical & laboratory services support
  • application of biomedical engineering expertise to support clinicians & nurses
  • device selection, acquisition and disposal support
  • technology and market assessment
  • specification preparation & tender assessment
  • device evaluation & commissioning
  • acceptance testing to standards of safety and performance
  • technical advice and consultation
  • technology development
  • technology maintenance
  • participation in BEAG, the Biomedical Engineering Advisory Group (SA)

Clinical Group Activities

Tender for Infusion Pumps

A tender for replacement peristaltic infusion pumps is being evaluated. About 200 I.V. pumps for two hospitals will be purchased in the first instance. This tender will establish a standing order for future potential replacement of the remaining SAHS I.V. pump fleet, allowing the total replacement of approximately 460 channels. Additional channels may be required to satisfy increased activity levels during the contract term.

Device Development

Air flowmeters aren't as simple as they look

Incidents of connecting the wrong gas to a patient do occur. Read about the Flinders Medical Centre's development of AirGuard implemented in July 2007.

Air flow meter clutter

What is so hard about syringing endoscope lumens?

Overuse injury can occur when reprocessing flexible endoscopes.

  Endoscope pre-cleaning

Cost Saving: Standardising patient temperature measurement

A range of methods and devices were being used for patient temperature measurement at Flinders. Rationalising these devices promises a reduction in expenditure.

Laboratory Group Activities

NATA Certification

The Laboratory Group have national NATA certification for their pipette calibration facility and laboratory balance calibration (100ug to 2kg) using NMI certified masses. Accreditation Number: 13967.

Pipette calibration

For pipette calibration to NATA standards contact FBE Pty Ltd.

NATA logo

Olympus microscope service

The Laboratory Group supports all users of optical equipment in the Flinders Medical Centre Campus. Our Optical expert, Owen, is the service representative in Adelaide and South Australia for all models of Olympus microscope.

He annually services about 500 microscopes for 100 customers in South Australia.

Intro to laboratory equipment

An introduction to typical laboratory equipment: Laboratory Equipment and Safety Orientation

Owen servicing Olympus microscope
Owen services an
Olympus microscope