Environmental chambers

Biomedical Research Support

Devices for environmental control

FBE, Flinders Biomedical Engineering, have developed devices that are able to control enclosed environments.

Description of devices developed by BME

Temperature controlled environment

A thermally insulated chamber designed to take a rabbit cage.  The internal air temperature can be set by the user within the range 7°C to 40°C to enable experiments to be carried on animals at specific temperatures.

Oxygen environment chamber

A cabinet with blender and flowmeter to control the environment with oxygen levels from 21% to 100%.

Rodent exercise pool

Exercise pool to test rat activity. Features adjustable water flow up to 2m/s and gantry to hold harness. [BME1365]


Temperature controlled environment

Flammable sign for O2 environment

Rodent pool

Publications using BME developed devices

Temperature controlled environment

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Oxygen environment chamber

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Impedance pneumograph, rat

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