Biomedical Research Support

Clinical devices

FBE, Flinders Biomedical Engineering, have developed devices for clinicians in the Flinders Medical Centre and the School of Medicine to support measurement of clinical information.

Clinical devices developed by Biomedical Engineering

Perometer adjustable height trolley

Adjustable height trolley allows a perometer to be adjusted for horizontal measurements of arms and legs with the patient seated. Perometers are used for volumetric limb measurements. [BME1473]

Smart catheter

Catheter able to differentiate biliary and pancreatic duct location based on optical information.

Hand and wrist strength gauge

Strain gauges incorporated into device to measure isometric wrist flexion & extension strength

Oesophogeal Manometry

Oesophageal manometry is the recording of muscle pressures within the oesophagus. A thin multilumen catheter is positioned in the oesophagus. The catheter has a number of openings in the distal end that sense the changing pressure with oesophageal contraction. A low flow pump is required to maintain the patency of the openings in the tubing. [BME1201, 1986]

Physiological Electronic Equipment Tester (PEET)

PEET is a signal generator for testing physiological equipment (ECG, EEG & EMG) by providing a variety of physiological waveforms and also sine, square and triangular waves. It drives 16-single ended channels or 8-differential channels, either sequentially or in parallel. Physiological waveforms are recorded in an analog storage device and are clocked out when selected. Waveform levels are adjustable from 500 millivolts pk-pk down to 10 microvolts pk-pk. [BME1404]

  Perometer lifter

Perometry trolley in use

Catheter differentiating biliary and pancreatic du

Hand and wrist strength gauge

Oesophageal manometry system

Physiological Electronic Equipment Tester

Publications using BME developed devices

Biliary duct catheter

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Hand and wrist strength gauge

Broniecki M. Reliability and clinical utility of the hand and wrist strength gauge. 2003, MastMApScOcc, University of South Australia, School of Occupational Therapy.

Oesopageal manometry

Holloway RH, Wyman JB, Dent J. Failure of transient lower oesophageal sphincter relaxation in response to gastric distension in patients with achalasia: evidence for neural mediation of transient lower oesophageal sphincter relaxations. Gut. 1989 Jun;30(6):762-7.

Portable blood warmer

McEwen MP, Roxby D. Can latent heat safely warm blood? - in vitro testing of a portable prototype blood warmer. BMC Emerg Med. 2007 Aug 1;7:8.