Organ baths

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Tissue and Organ Baths

FBE, Flinders Biomedical Engineering, have developed devices for the Flinders University School of Medicine to enable research of tissues. Organ baths are used to maintain integrity of the tissue while physiological measurements are made.

Devices developed by Biomedical Engineering

Organ bath for long colon

This organ bath enables the long colon to be studied. Separate heater units are used to maintain temperature. Grass strain gauge amplifiers are used to make mesurements. A second organ bath was made with a side chamber (1.6m x 0.6m).

Organ bath - gated

Main chamber allows pinning of larger tissue with nerves in paraffin bath for recording, separated by plexiglass gate sealed with silicon grease. 

Organ bath - heated

Allows microscope viewing of tissue immersed in nutrient solution.  The pre-heated solution flows through the bath at a nominal rate of 2 ml / minute and the fluid in the bath is normally kept at 37ºC with a foil heater under a silicon elastomer.  This temperature is maintained even though the flow may be started and stopped for various periods at any time.  [BME1509]

Organ bath - 1.5ml

A heated organ bath with a capacity of 1.5 ml. The heater is a 13 ohm Minco thermo foil heater mounted in the base of the bath. A Shimaden SR91 Digital Temperacture controller is used to sense the fluid temperature via a T-type thermocouple. The bath also incorporates fluid inlet and outlet pipes, an aeration pipe and two platinum electrodes mounted in the base. [BME1484]

Corneal perfusion chamber

Corneal perfusion chamber shown without a mounted cornea. The clamping sleeve sits on top of the main body. The fixation ring that screws onto the main body is shown on the left. 

  Organ bath for long colon

  Organ bath with semi colon

Organ bath for tissue with gate

Organ bath with fine control of heating

Organ bath for small tissue 1.5ml

Organ bath for small tissue samples 1.5ml

Organ bath corneal perfusion



Publications using BME developed devices

Long colon

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Organ bath - gated

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Organ bath - heated

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Corneal perfusion chamber

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