Tissue Monitoring

Biomedical Research Support

Tissue Monitoring Accessories

FBE, Flinders Biomedical Engineering, have developed devices for the Flinders University School of Medicine to enable research of tissues and their neural pathways. 

Devices developed by Biomedical Engineering

Gut strain gauge assembly

Dual strain gauges (Kyowa 5mm, 120 ohm) are assembled for measuring gut strain. They are connected back-to-back in the "half bridge" configuration and are sealed and protected by a conformal silicon envelope. [BME1432]

Heat Ramp and Pressure Probe

Comprising Heat Ramp BME 1490 and Pressure Probe BME1491, designed to thermally and mechanically stimulate sensory nerves present in viable skin samples to 50°C and 300mN. The sensor outputs are logged on a Maclab system.

Feather stroker

This stoker function generator was created from a galvanometer and relay lifting mechanism that holds a cut duck feather. This simulates stroking a section of gut with a feather. It is for research into the electrophysiology of intestinal gut and peristalsis.


Gut strain gauge  ruler

Gut strain gauge assembly

Heat probe for  tissue

Feather stroker


Publications using BME developed devices

Strain gauges, Duodenal

Takahata S, Konomi H, Schloithe AC, Toouli J, Saccone GT. Second-generation recombinant hemoglobin molecules do not stimulate sphincter of Oddi, gallbladder or duodenal motility in the Australian brush-tailed possum. Can J Gastroenterol. 2004 Jul;18(7):441-8. (Abstract on PubMed) 

Feather stroker

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