BEST Online

Biomedical Engineering Support Training

The Biomedical Engineering Dept at Flinders Medical Centre (FBE) has developed an online training resource to meet the demands of all levels of biomedical and clinical engineering, and technical service staff.

Cost of courses and payment methods are currently being determined.
Courses under development include: infusion pumps, ventilators, anaesthetic machines, and dialysis. 

Biomedical engineering support training online


Course info

  • For biomedical support staff (clinical engineers and biomedical technicians) working with medical devices in a clinical setting
  • Self-paced with each page of theory followed by a question
  • Online (uses Moodle platform)
  • Generic across brands
  • Practical sessions - need own access to medical devices and service manuals
  • 8-16 hours per course depending on initial level of knowledge and time for practical sessions
  • Certificate of Completion - need 100% questions answered and practical submitted 

Course structure

Self test
Clinical application
First principles
Modern devices
Technical exercises
Performance verification
Management - purchase considerations,
hazard alerts, user & OHSW issues
Final test 

 History of FBE training

The Biomedical Engineering Dept at Flinders Medical Centre (FBE) has been providing training for biomedical technicians, engineers and managers for many years in Australia, and overseas: Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

The cost of providing training over long distances makes it unaffordable to most biomedical staff who are not in large cities. FBE have taken their training packages and rebuilt them to provide online courses to meet the demands of biomedical engineering service staff.


Time spent on these courses can be claimed for Continuing Professional Development.

These courses are classified as CPD Type II: Short courses, workshops, etc., where these are delivered or facilitated by recognised practitioners in the field.
See Engineers Australia document CPD - Types and Conditions for details.


 Do you need more training on biomedical devices you support?

BEST Online

Courses available

  • ECGs and Defibrillators
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, NIBP
    NIBP available for free preview
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Course registration

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All personal data will only be used for the purposes of this course and will not be passed on to third parties. Information about medical devices managed will only be used to improve the course. Statistics on the test results may be used for research purposes.