UGT Genes are named according to the Human Gene Nomenclature Guidelines as recommended in the paper:

Nomenclature Update for the Mammalian UDP Glycosyltransferase (UGT) Gene Superfamily. Mackenzie, P.I., Bock, K.W., Burchell, B., Guillemette, C., Ikushiro, S.-I., Iyanagi, T., Miners, J.O., Owens, I.S., and Nebert, D.W. Pharmacogenetics and Genomics(2005) vol. 15 pp. 677-685


The UDP glycosyltransferase gene superfamily:recommended nomenclature update based on evolutionary divergence. Mackenzie, PI, Pharmacogenetics (1997) vol. 7 pp. 255-269 Pharmacogenetics Article

and in the Inclusion Criteria for naming UGT alleles

It is strongly recommended that the sequences (in single letter amino acid code) of newly discovered genes are submitted to Michael Court ( for naming. The gene will be named after consultation with other members of the Nomenclature Committee