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UDP glucuronosyltransferases are responsible for the enzymatic addition of sugars to fat-soluble chemicals, both endogenous substrates as well as drugs and other foreign chemicals. This is an important process that increases their solubility in water and aids in their excretion. In mammals, glucuronic acid is the main sugar that is used to prevent the accumulation of waste products of metabolism and fat-soluble chemicals from the environment to toxic levels in the body. 
The UDP glucuronosyltransferases that carry out this reaction are part of a super family of UDP glycosyltransferases found in animals, plants and bacteria. 

The purpose of this committee is to keep the gene nomenclature and the allelic designations unilateral.
The current guidelines can be found here: current nomenclature

Data Tables
UDP Glycosyltransferase sequences #2262_1Sep2015 (PDF 2MB)
Human UGT Allele


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