Clinical Skills and Simulation

The Clinical Skills & Simulation Unit (CSSU) aims to foster clinical excellence, promote patient safety and clinical outcomes, and advance medical education through application of high fidelity medical simulation for medical students & health care professionals.

Clinical simulation is now more widely used in medical education. It provides a safe environment for the student to learn and allows uncommon conditions to be simulated. Management can be practised without putting patients at risk.

Patient simulators are being increasingly used for medical teaching and assessment. While they do not replace clinical contact, they are a good preparation for working with patients and they allow the clinical management - particularly of serious conditions - to be practised many times.

Standardised patient simulation involves the use of individuals trained to portray the roles of patients or family members to allow students to practice physical exam skills, history taking skills, communication skills and other exercises.

We also provide a number of courses to a broad range of health professionals including, Dentists, Anaesthetists & GP’s.



In 1999, Harry Owen developed the ‘STAT lab’ in the University Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. The STructured Airway Teaching laboratory had several airway trainers and whole body manikins and airway devices for students and trainees in anaesthesia and intensive care to practise airway skills including endotracheal intubation (ETI) and emergency cricothyrotomy. STAT was enthusiastically accepted and gave rise to research papers on teaching and learning ETI.

Training in the area was expanded to include basic life support teaching.

The facility took delivery of the first SimMan in Australia in 2001 and soon afterwards began offering crisis management courses for anaesthetists.

Our firsts

  • First medical school to have a simulation facility used for medical education in all years of the course.
  • First SimMan (simulator) in Australia
  • First Harvey (simulator) in Australia
  • First Noelle simulator in Australia

CSSU is now a fully-functional clinical simulation unit that caters for students and trainees from a wide range of healthcare disciplines.

The range and quality of the simulation and technologies in the CSSU is impressive but it is the staff that makes it all work. Everyone in the CSSU has an uncompromising commitment to provide the best teaching and training possible and the learning outcomes and feedback indicates that very high standards are being maintained. Many of the staff have received prizes or awards for their efforts from local, national and international organisations.