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Flinders Centre for Gambling Research

The Flinders Centre for Gambling Research (FCGR) conducts studies into the health, social, economic and political impact of gambling on society including the community, families and individuals. We also aim to influence the formulation of policy in this area.

Researchers at the Centre have developed a number of national and international research collaborations in the area of problematic gambling and applications for research funding are currently being pursued.

Results of studies into treatment and relapse in problem gambling, longitudinal outcomes of treatment programs and the exploration of alternative treatment options for treatment resistant gamblers are encouraging and provide a sound foundation for future research in this field.

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The FCGR will be nationally and internationally recognised for high quality gambling treatment research and scholarship.



The Centre will serve to enhance community knowledge and understanding of the phenomenon of problematic gambling and use this knowledge to improve the lives of people who are adversely affected by gambling.


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The Centre operates as part of the Discipline of Psychiatry in the School of Medicine. It is situated in the Margaret Tobin building on Flinders University Campus. FCGR works with public sector agencies, universities and funding bodies.

Professor Malcolm Battersby
Director of the Flinders Centre for Gambling Research

Phone: +61 8 84042314

Latest news

» Our Centre is a world leader in the treatment of gambling disorder

A publication in the prestigious peer reviewed journal Behaviour Research and Therapy, has demonstrated our Centre as a world leader in the treatment of gambling disorders.

Cognitive versus exposure therapy for problem gambling: Randomised controlled trial’ DP Smith, MW. Battersby, PW Harvey, RG Pols, R Ladouceur; Behaviour Research and Therapy 69 (2015) 100-110’.

» $1.5m grant awarded for research project

Professor Battersby has been a member of the International Think Tank on Gambling led by Prof Max Abbott of Auckland University of Technology since 2004, and chair of the working party on clinical trials.

In 2016, the trial group including Canadian researcher Professor David Hodson were successful in winning a $1.5M grant to conduct a 4-year randomised trial of the Flinders ‘urge’ based exposure and cognitive therapy program vs motivational interviewing in gambling help services across NZ.

» Exposing the links between gambling and suicide

FHBHRU staff members Dr. Rene Pols and Dr. Conrad Newman were interviewed by SBS radio on gambling and suicide.

» Suicide Report - Victoria

The 2013 Coroners Court of Victoria has released the report on Gambling Related Suicide. FHBHRU staff members Dr Rene Pols and Dr Conrad Newman were interviewed by SBS radio.

» Congratulations for Problem Gambling and Family Violence paper

Congratulations to Peter Harvey and Tiffany Lavis on their recent publication: Problem gambling and family violence: family member reports of prevalence, family impacts and family coping which featured in the Asian Journal of Gambling Issues and Public Health.

» Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform - Prevention and treatment of problem gambling

Transcript of the proceedings of Monday 14 May 2012. Please note that this is an uncorrected proof of evidence taken before the committee. It is made available under the condition that it is recognised as such.

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