The Flinders Program

The Flinders Chronic Condition Management Program (The Flinders Program) is a generic set of tools and processes enabling health professionals to support their clients to more effectively self-manage their chronic condition(s). The Flinders Program is a self-management partnership based on cognitive behaviour therapy, problem solving and motivational interviewing techniques. The Finders Program Information Paper provides more details The Flinders Program Information Paper

Clients actively participate in making decisions about their physical, emotional and social well being. Health practitioners work individually with clients using the Program tools to assess self-management behaviours, barriers, psychosocial issues and preferences, and produce an individualised Care Plan that includes problem and goal statements, interventions, steps and responsibilities that align with the client's values, priorities and beliefs.

The Program is based on extensive research identifying the importance of self-management and self-management support in chronic condition management. The need for health professionals and their clients to work together in the management of chronic conditions is supported by professional organisations in Australia (e.g., RACGP) and internationally (e.g., Royal College of Physicians).

Visit the dedicated Flinders Program website for complete information.