Mt Gambier AMC Work-based Assessment Program

We are excited to announce that partners Flinders University and Mount Gambier Hospital are now accredited by the Australian Medical Council to commence a 12 month work-based assessment (WBA) program. Our first three candidates were admitted to the program in July 2018.


What is WBA?

WBA offers an alternate assessment pathway to the AMC Clinical Exams for international medical graduates (IMGs) to seek general registration with the Medical Board of Australia.

The IMGs have their clinical skills and knowledge assessed while working in the Australian healthcare system.  They must progress competently through the formative and summative phases of the program which tests their clinical skills, decision making skills, interaction with patients and their ability to work as part of a healthcare team.  

There are limited WBA programs accredited in Australia. We are proud to announce that this is the only WBA program accredited in South Australia.

WBA Candidate Applications

If you are interested in taking part in this program in the future, please email Dr Michelle McIntosh ( to be added to our contact list.

The below documentation outlines the admission process and entry requirements for the 2018 WBA program. Please note these are for reference only and will be updated when a new round of applications is opened.

Mount Gambier Hospital AMC Work-based Assessment Program (PDF 364KB)

For more information about the WBA program, contact:

Dr Michelle McIntosh
Flinders University Rural Health SA

For more information about current and future opportunities at Mount Gambier Hospital, contact:

Dr Christopher Tan
Regional Director of Medical Services, South East Region
Country Health SA
Ph: (08) 8271 1200