International exchange students

The Department of Medical Biotechnology welcomes enquires from international students from all over the world interested in studying a wide range of projects in undergraduate, masters and postgraduate programs.


Fontys University students

Renee Cuppen and Niels Hendrikx from Fontys University in Eindhoven undertook a five month internship at Flinders University as part of their degree.

Renee and Niels studied their research projects under the supervison of Professors Chris Franco and Els Geertman (Holland).

While in Australia, Renee worked on a project titled, 'Screening endophytic actinomycetes for new bioactive compounds', in the department of Medical Biotechnology.

Niels' project was titled 'Isolation and characterisation of actinobacteria from potato plants and testing with Streptomyces scabies Rhizoctonia solani and Spongospora subterranea'.