(For undergraduate degree see Admission Requirements)

Prior Degree

You are required to have completed or be in the final year of a Bachelor's degree. This must be from an Australian university or another recognised tertiary institution of equivalent standard. It may be in any area of study and there are no specific subjects required as prerequisites. If you are in the final year of study, satisfactory completion of the degree will be a condition for entry.

Strong performance in the Bachelor's degree is an important indicator of the intellectual abilities necessary for medicine. When Flinders ranks applicants after interview, your weighted grade point average (wGPA) makes a significant contribution to your overall selection score. Your wGPA is based on the last 3 full-time equivalent years of study in your most recently completed Bachelor's degree (including an Honours year if applicable). It is determined by weighting final year studies x3, second year studies x2 and first year studies x1.

No other qualifications (eg, Masters, PhD) will be included in your wGPA. Wide variations in grading systems make valid comparison of grades across such programs and institutions difficult. However, higher degrees may provide relevant and valuable experience that could help your interview performance.

You do not need to calculate your wGPA. We will do this when you apply based on your transcripts. Unfortunately we do not undertake such calculations before you submit a application.

Admissions test

You will be required to submit results of a medical school admissions test. This is essential to ensure that commencing students understand the principles and vocabularies of the basic disciplines that underpin the medical course. It also acts as a major discriminator in the application process.

Flinders accepts either GAMSAT or MCAT test results. Neither will be given preference in the selection of international students.

Please see the GAMSAT website for test locations, timelines, test questions and further information. This test is usually held in March in Australia, but there are overseas locations at different times. We will accept any GAMSAT score from 2013, 2014 or 2015 for 2016 entry. You will require a minimum standard in each section of GAMSAT in order to be considered further in the admissions process (normally 50 for Sections I, III and the total score, and 46 for Section II).

MCAT testing is available at various times throughout the year and in numerous countries. We will accept MCAT scores as far back as August 2012 for 2016 entry. As of 2013 we will normally expect minimum MCAT scores of 8/8/8 (24 total). For the new MCAT in 2015 we will normally expect minimum MCAT scores of 123/123/123/123 (492 total).

If you have sat these tests more than once, we will automatically accept your highest score in the eligible timeframe.

English Language Requirements

Applicants must satisfy our Flinders English Language proficiency requirements of Level 5 or equivalent 


Short-listing for international interviews is based on a combination of an admissions test score and a wGPA from an applicant's most recent Bachelor's degree. Invitations to interview will normally be in May and July/August each year (refer timeline). Interviews may be offered at other times subject to our discretion.

If you are invited to an interview and reside overseas, you will not be expected to travel to Australia. However you are most welcome to visit Flinders (and potentially schedule an interview to coincide with this, if short-listed). If you reside in the corresponding countries below you will be expected to attend the interview in person: Adelaide (for Australia); Singapore (for Singapore), London (UK), San Francisco or LA (for USA), Vancouver and/or Toronto (for Canada). For all other countries, at our discretion, we may offer a Skype interview. Applicants must meet their own costs of travelling to attend interviews.

Our semi-structured interview is used to assess personal qualities of applicants. The interview has a common set of scenarios and questions for all applicants, to assess qualities considered important both for success in medical school and in subsequent medical practice. These following qualities were identified by consulting within the Medical School and the wider community:

  • Quality of motivation
  • Learning style and team skills
  • Communication skills
  • Pro-social attitude
  • Personal management and self-evaluation skills
  • Approach to decision-making

Where possible, international interviews will be linked with a briefing session on the Flinders program. This is a common session for all interviewees on the day of their interview.


Details for submission of applications and subsequent steps are outlined under Application and Selection Process for international applicants.