Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Welcome to Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (MID).

Flinders University MID is within the Flinders Medical Science and Technology Academic unit of the School of Medicine in the Faculty of Health Science.  We are physically located on level 5, wing D at Flinders Medical Centre.  We operate as a joint division comprising staff from Flinders University, SA Pathology and Flinders Medical Centre, that encompasses teaching, research, diagnostics and clinical services.  Staff have specialised interests in Diagnostic Microbiology, Medical Bacteriology and Medical Virology.  Microbiology is also covered in other areas of Flinders University including the School of Biological Sciences and Environmental Sciences.  More information on SA Pathology staff in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases can be found at the SA Pathology site.

To find out more about Virology research and teaching in MID go to Flinders Virology on-line.



Flinders University Staff and affiliates


Head of Division Professor David Gordon
Marlene Prigent
ID consultants  
Teaching Dr Jill Carr
Research staff
Dr Penny Adamson

Julie Calvert

   Dr Gustavo Bracho-Granado

Wisam Hamzah Al Shujairi (PhD, 2014-current)

   Alexander Mathews Abraham (PhD, 2014-current)
  Sheila Cabezas Falcon (PhD, 2015 - current)