Welcome to the Flinders Virology on-line home page.

A Joint initiative between the School of Medicine and School of Biological Sciences

This page aims to bring together all the useful links to other sites for people who are currently studying or interested in studying Virology at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia.

Research: Below are staff members at Flinders University who conduct research with a Virology focus

Dr Jill Carr - School of Medicine

Dr Peter Speck - School of Biological Science

Projects are also offered for honours studies through the School of Medicine and the School of Biological Sciences.

Teaching: Microbiology, with a focus on bacteria, is taught from staff in the School of Biological sciences in the context of both medically and environmentally focussed topics.  Microbiology is also taught from the School of Medicine with the focus of topics on medically significant microbes and their interaction with the human immune system.  Further information on topics with a significant Virology content are indicated.

There are a number of other groups and conferences of interest to post-graduates and staff with an interest in virology.

We hope these pages will enhance your learning experience at Flinders University and drive your interest in the field of Virology

Jill Carr and Peter Speck
Flinders Virology on-line web page co-ordinators

Useful links

International Committee on Taxonomy of viruses (ICTV)

This week in Virology (TWiV)



Centre for Disease Control (CDC)

South Australian Communicable Diseases and Control Branch (CDCB)