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Host cell responses to virus infection. Our research has focused on dengue virus infection but has recently expanded to also include the related zika virus.

The enzyme sphingosine kinase 1 is altered in dengue virus infected cells. Our research projects aim to investigate the significance of the change in activity of this important cellular enzyme and its relationship to virus replication and disease pathogenesis, in collaboration with Professor Stuart Pitson.  Additionally, we are interested in innate responses to viral (dengue and zika) infection and have collaborative projects with Professor Michael Beard, particularly focussed on the antiviral protein, viperin.  Further, a recent collaborative project with Professor David Gordon is investigating the relationship between dengue virus and regulatory proteins of the complement alternative pathway, such as factor H.

Dengue virus infection at novel sites and host responses to infection. The endothelium is an important target for mediating the pathogenic changes seen in severe dengue virus infections. There is some evidence for infection of the endothelium in vivo and we aim to investigate this issue using novel primary in vitro and in vivo models. This project is in collaboration with Associate Professor Claudine Bonder. We are also investigating dengue and zika virus infection in the eye with Professor Justine Smith and have assessed dengue virus infection in the brain, in both cases with an interest in the innate responses in these unique sites.

Research studies in dengue endemic countries. Through a collaboration with Professor Faseeha Noordeen , University of Peradeniya we collaborate to define the changing aspects of dengue disease in Sri Lanka. We also have a collaboration with Professor Asha Mary Abraham, CMC Vellore , India to further investigate the interaction of SK, S1P and endothelial cells in patient studies.

Latest 10 publications

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    [10.1016/j.cyto.2016.04.010] [
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