Associate Professor Peter Marshall

Prime research interests are in thermoregulation, infant nutrition, and long-term follow-up of high risk infants. A secondary, but none-the-less important interest has been the development of NEO, a highly sophisticated neonatal information system on which much of the data collection for audit and follow-up depend.

Dr Scott Morris

Dr Morris has a research interest in fetal and neonatal physiology, both in clinical studies and using animal models.

Dr Vanessa Ellison

Interests include quality and safety. Currently looking at the effect of extended respiratory circuit changes on rates of late onset sepsis. Previous research has included CSF cytokines and relation to white matter injury in the preterm infant and the effect of newer immunisation on preterm infants.

Dr Simon James

Interests include neonatal ethics, and quality clinical care.

Dr Sanjay Sinhal

Prime research interests are cardiac physiology in newborns and role of point of care ultrasound and echocardiography to improve neonatal care.