The Eye Bank of South Australia

The Co-ordinator of the Eye Bank of South Australia at Flinders Medical Centre is Margaret Philpott.

The Eye Bank has made possible more than 2000 corneal grafts since 1982.

At Flinders Medical Centre, current eye research is improving the success rate of corneal transplantation and the Ophthalmic Day Surgery Unit
enables some patients to have surgery without hospitalisation.

Margaret Philpott, Eye Bank coordinator

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What the Eye Bank does

For many people the faces of their loved ones are just a blur. Imagine for a moment what that must be like.
The sight of many vision-impaired people can now be restored by an operation known as a corneal graft or corneal transplant.

Unfortunately, this operation can only take place when a suitable cornea becomes available, and the only source of corneas is the donation of eyes
from recently deceased persons.

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The Cornea

  • is the clear film-like tissue that covers the front of the eye
  • is called the window of the eye because it is the first place light hits the eye
  • may become cloudy through injury or disease and this may result in loss of sight.

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Corneal Transplant

  • involves the removal of the unhealthy cornea and its replacement with a clear healthy cornea from a donor.

The Eye Bank collects and distributes donor corneas for transplantation.

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