Welcome to the Paramedic Unit

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you, not only to  Flinders University and the Paramedic Unit, but also to the paramedic profession. Paramedics as you will shortly find out are a unique bunch.

They have the interests of the patient as the most important thing in their working life. You will find that the Paramedic Unit is infused with the same philosophy and that everything we teach you is ultimately in the interests of better patient care.

You will find that this single focus runs through both the University staff and the Ambulance service staff creating a focused family that has connections the world over.

More specifically, whilst you are studying Paramedics at Flinders we are all interested in your personal and academic well-being and have an open door for anybody with a worry, concern or problem. Don't forget to include us in the other side, your celebrations and laughs.

My door is open to anyone with any issue, be it academic, clinical, personal or other and I am happy to provide explanations, teaching and direction or just old-fashioned support PRN (which means as needed).

So on behalf of the family I bid you a warm welcome. 


Professor Hugh Grantham
Professor of Paramedics


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2017 Welcome Sessions for our new students

Congratulations to the students who have been accepted into the Bachelor of Paramedic Science Degree program. We take this opportunity to welcome you to the paramedic team.

In February we will be holding two Welcome Sessions for new students:

  • Wednesday 1 February 2017 at 09:30am in room N335, Sturt Campus, Flinders University, with a BBQ to follow in the Paramedic Shed.
  • Tuesday 7 February 2017 at 5:00pm for a BBQ in the Paramedic Shed, followed by a presentation at 6.30pm in room N335, Sturt Campus.

We strongly encourage you and your family members to attend one of these fun and informative sessions. Please refer to the Student Zone / Orientation page for full details.