Staff Research

The Poche Flinders team are involved in a variety of research activities.

Lorna Murakami-Gold and Colleen Hayes

  • Alice Springs Investigators on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers and liaison officers’ role in quality acute health care services (NHMRC 2018-2022). The project aims to clarify the role of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers and Liaison Officers in acute health care services. In particular, it will identify how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers and Liaison Officers contribute to improving access to patient care and health care interventions as well as to the quality of health care received by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in acute health care services. It will do this by seeking the views of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their families to document their experience and satisfaction of acute health care services, and by seeking the perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers and Liaison Officers and the health professionals they work with in acute health care services.
  • Alice Springs collaborators with Dragon Claw, a pilot program to educate indigenous patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or Lupus about the importance of medication compliance. As part of the program videos will be produced in four local languages as well as English. These will be accompanied by a pamphlet written in local language. This is the world's first educational pilot program to remote First Nation's peoples anywhere in the world specifically on rheumatoid arthritis. Videos created for the project are located on the Dragon Claw website.

Lorna Murakami-Gold

  • Lead researcher with the Purple House for the project titled Exploring Aboriginal people’s perspectives of living with renal dialysis. This project focuses on the Yanangu people who live in the remote cross-border area of the Western Desert region of Central Australia and have the highest rates of renal disease. Strategic goals of the project include (1) On Country, Ngurra (help people to be on or return to country), (2) A Good Life, Kurrunpa Wanka (help patients and their families to live the best life possible) and (3) Right Way, Tjukarurru Wangkantjaku (work hard to do the best possible for patients).
  • Central Australian contributor to the project titled Impact of short-term staffing in Aboriginal Primary Health Care Services (DP 190100328).
  • Central Australian contributor to project titled The impact and cost of short-term staff in remote Northern Territory Communities (titled DP150102227).

David Sjoberg

  • Co author with Professor Dennis McDermott for the reporting outcomes of the Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT), National Senior Teaching and Learning Fellowship - Having the hard conversations: Strengthening pedagogical effectiveness by working with student and institutional resistance to Indigenous health curriculum. 2014-2018.

Jess Dawson

PhD (in progress) comprised of two major projects:

  • Critical examination of problem representation in the Closing the Gap policy framework.
  • Systematic review of current approaches to Cultural Safety-based Education, with a focus on how criticality and critical self-reflection are conceptualised, taught and assessed.

Monica Lawrence

PhD (in progress) and associated funding applications:

  • Contextualising acute coronary syndrome standards and guidelines for Aboriginal people residing in Central Australian and Top End Aboriginal communities.
  • iECG research incorporating use of a Point of Care testing device to detect for prevalence of atrial fibrillation for Aboriginal people 45 years and over.