Flinders Prevention, Promotion and Primary Health Care

Building systems, capacity, and understanding for a healthier society

Head: Prof John Coveney

Flinders Prevention, Promotion and Primary Health Care is built around Flinders’ reputation nationally funded programmes in research and education.

The Academic unit includes Public Health, Social Health Sciences, the Southgate Institute for Health Society and Equity and the South Australian Community Health Research Unit, Indigenous Health, Mental Health Promotion, General Practice and  the Primary Health Care Research and Information Service, and Flinders’ Centres for Injury Studies, Alcohol and Drugs, and Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

This Academic unit is nationally and internationally recognised for its:

  • understanding of the social determinants of health;
  • capacity for influence at a policy level;
  • community participation;
  • research and reports; and
  • extensive health and human service networks.


Our Academic unit


Research Centres

Summer Research Scholarships

The Flinders Prevention, Promotion and Primary Health Care (FPPPHC) Academic unit is organising Summer Research Scholarships in 2013-2014. The scholarship will provide insight into what research in a graduate research degree or as a university researcher is like.


Recipient students will work alongside and be supervised by researchers on current research projects being undertaken in the FPPPHC Academic unit. The scholarships offer students the experience of working with well-established researchers in different disciplines and research centres within The Academic unit.

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