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Southgate Solutions provides high-quality consultancy, evaluation and training to policy-makers, community based services, primary health care, health promotion and local government.

Building on almost 30 years of experience in consultancy, evaluation, training and support, our participatory approach ensures that organisations are actively engaged in the learning that occurs when hiring us, to build capacity in staff for future programs.

Our services

  • Program planning
    We use a theory-based program logic approach to program planning to ensure programs have a clearly articulated rationale explaining what is known about an issue, why it is being tackled in a particular way and what outcomes are expected. Used in this way, program logic does more than describe a service, it provides an explanation of how and why an intervention or program works. A program logic model provides a sound basis for monitoring and evaluating programs.

  • Program evaluation
    Our evaluations are conducted collaboratively with key stakeholders and are designed to respond to the requirements of funders, community needs, as well as to contribute to program and service improvement. We can undertake fully independent, external evaluations which also act to build organisational evaluation capacity by involving workers and decision-makers in evaluation activities.

  • Evidence-based practice
    With the increasing emphasis on evidence-based policy and practice, Southgate Solutions is able to assist with accessing and reviewing existing research evidence, including quick scoping or rapid appraisal of the evidence.

  • Training
    We can build a training package to provide participants with practical understanding and skills in planning and conducting an evaluation. Training is also offered in areas related to the social determinants of health, health equity, community development, health promotion, primary health care and health equity.

  • Developing tools and resources for capacity building
    Southgate Solutions can create tools and resources tailored to your organisation and has a number of ready-made/existing tools to support evaluation, community participation, collaborative partnerships, and equity goals.

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