The Southgate Institute for Health, Society and Equity leads high quality scholarship on the social and economic determinants of health and health equity.

We conduct highly relevant research that informs practice and policy development in Australia and overseas, in relation to the promotion of population mental and physical health and health equity, and the reduction of social and economic exclusion.

The Institute's research focus is on what can be done about the underlying factors that determine the distribution of health and well-being outcomes. The Institute produces research knowledge on why health inequities exist, what can be done about them and how population health overall can be improved.

In October 2012, the Southgate Institute’s Director, Professor Fran Baum, was honoured as one of Flinders University' most eminent professors with the inaugural award of the title of Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor.

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Overarching Goal

To contribute to a healthy and fair global community, with a particular focus on Australia, by conducting high quality, policy-relevant research on the social and economic determinants of health, health equity and Aboriginal health and build capacity to conduct such research.


The Southgate Institute has been established through Flinders University’s Centres and Institutes program and Professor Baum’s Australian Research Council Federation Fellowship.

The Southgate Institute is named after the late Associate Professor Deane O. Southgate AM FRACGP, FACOM. A/Prof Southgate was Head of the then Department of Primary Care and Community Medicine in the School of Medicine, Flinders University at the time of his death in 1991.