Current/Past PhD Students

Current Students:

Jane Fitzgerald

Topic: Impact of intersectoral public policy, specifically the Health in All Policies approach on the social determinants of health and mental health


Supervisors: Prof Fran Baum, Dr Angela Lawless and Dr Toni Delany-Crowe



Emma George

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Topic: How policy proceses in Australia could act more effectively on social determinants of health to improve halth equity



Pip Henderson

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Topic: Impact of colonisation of education outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary school students, and the role of decolonising practices in primary schools to address inequities associated with colonisation

Supervisors: Dr Toby Freeman, Dr Tamara Mackean and Dr Deb Agnew


 Adam Ridley

Topic: A comparison of the effectiveness of multiculturalism, racial discrimination and social cohesion public policy models from Australia and abroad.

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Anna Ziersch, Dr Rob Manwaring




Past Students

Mohan Paudel

Topic: The Socio-cultural and Healthcare Context of Perinatal and Neonatal Survival in a Rural Mountain District of Nepalp

Betty Jean Dee-Price


Topic: Homes, health and public voice: Housing for young people with disabilities which include severe communication impairment.

Elsa Barton

Topic: Individual and community responses to depression in a comprehensive primary health care model of service delivery: equity, empowerment and health outcomes among clients with depression

Lori Littlejohns

Topic: Key factors that influence health promotion policy and practice in a South Australian region

Georgia Panagiotopoulos

Topic: Social determinants of health and well-being among older Greek migrant widows and widowers in urban and rural South Australia.

Nicole Harb

Topic: Cross-Sector Approaches to Humanitarian Migrants’ Inclusion in the Private Rental Market. 

Joanne Flavel

Topic: Interactions between health and labour market outcomes over the life course.

Louise Townend

Topic: Targeting Healthy Weight? How different ideological understandings of healthy weight impact on health equity. View here  L Townend PhD Presentation (PDF 615KB)

Ken Goodall

Topic: A study of how older Greek and Italian migrants find the information they need in their everyday lives. View Paper #1  View Paper #2

Julia Anaf

Topic: Antecedents and consequences of job loss following downsizing and closure of Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd during 2004-2005. View Paper #1 View Paper #2

Sam Battams

Topic: Housing for people with a psychiatric disability: Community empowerment, partnerships and politics. View Thesis

Michael Bentley (DrPH)

Topic: Urban greenness, public health and social equity: a South Australian study.

Susan Booth

Topic: Eating rough - Food insecurity amongst homeless young people in Adelaide. View Paper

Kathryn Browne-Yung

Topic: Neighbourhood characteristics, social capital, health and well-being: comparing the experiences and opportunities of relatively low income individuals living in contrasting socio-economic areas. View Paper #1  View Paper #2

Anne Johnson

Topic: Organisational change in a hospital. A detailed look at how the philosophy behind the World Health Organization's health promoting hospital project had been implemented in a large metropolitan based hospital, with a statewide focus.

Gwyn Jolley

Topic: Community-based health promotion:  Historical development of evaluation approaches and the implications for evaluation of complex community-based health promotion initiatives. View Thesis

Sabitra Kaphle

Topic: Uncovering the Covered: Pregnancy & Childbirth Experiences of Disadvantaged Women in Remote Mountain Districts of Nepal. View Thesis   View Paper

Angela Lawless (DrPH)

Topic: Infant mental health promotion: a discourse analysis. View Paper

Catherine Mackenzie

Topic: Mothers, breast cancer survivorship and physical activity promotion. View Thesis

Katy Osborne

Topic: Women's participation in community groups, the nature of 'social capital' that women access from such involvement, and the implications of this participation for their mental well-being. View thesis

Christine Putland 

Topic: Liberal feminism: Liability or lifeboat for women working in South Australian local government.

Katherine Biedrzycki

Topic: The Digital World as a 21st Century Determinant of Health & Wellbeing



 Rachel Sullivan

Topic: Belonging begins at home: Promoting social inclusion and wellbeing for asylum seekers and people from refugee backgrounds.

Supervisors: A/Prof Anna Ziersch, A/Prof Kathy Arthurson, Dr Clemence Due




Fisaha Haile Tesfay

Topic: Food by prescription for malnourished HIV patients in Tigray region, Ethiopia: an assessment of outcomes and determinants.

Supervisors: Dr Sara JavanparastA/Professor Anna Ziersch , Dr Lillian Mwanri



 Kingsley Whittenbury

Topic: Critical consciousness for social injustice in healthcare and health improvement among first and final year Medicine students at two South Australian Medical Schools; a comparative study.

Supervisors: Dr David Hunter, Prof Paul Ward 

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 Miriam Vandenberg



Topic: Health equity and employment in the informal economy

Supervisors: Professor Fran Baum AO and Dr Kathryn Browne-Yung




Alice Windle

Topic: Knowledge translation and evidence-based planning and policy in Australian primary health care

Supervisors: Dr Sara Javanparast, Prof Fran Baum and Dr Toby Freeman

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