The Southgate Institute have developed a number of free resources for evaluation and research:


Planning and Evaluation Wizard

The Planning and Evaluation Wizard (PEW) is designed to allow you simple access to planning and evaluation tools that are relevant to your health promotion or primary health care project.

We hope that PEW will help demystify the jargon associated with project planning, evaluation, and report writing, as well as provide practical assistance and examples.

View it at:


Southgate Digital Equity Tool


 The purpose of the Southgate Digital Equity Tool is to assist policy makers and practitioners in making informed decisions about the way they engage consumers in health services and programs.

This tool will guide your thinking around the impact of traditional and digital communication on different population groups, with a focus on the impact of shifting to digital engagement with consumers.

The tool can be used to examine one strategy or a set of communication strategies which address a health issue, a geographic area, or a population.

View the resource Southgate Digital Equity Tool Resource (PDF 714KB) .



 Corporate Health Impact Assessment


As the adverse health and equity impacts of transnational corporations’ practices become central public health concerns, the need for a methodology to evaluate their impact becomes critical. The Corporate Health Impact Assessment (CHIA) follows the standard HIA steps of screening, scoping, identification, assessment, decision-making and recommendations, and can be used by civil society, governments, researchers, and corporations.

View the article CHIA (PDF 1MB)