Cardiac and Thoracic Surgical Unit

The Cardiac and Thoracic Surgical Unit of Flinders Medical Centre services the southern region of Adelaide, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Darwin and many country centres. We are based in the suburb of Bedford Park, about twenty minutes south of the Adelaide CBD.


The Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery Unit provides surgical management of a variety of different cardiovascular and thoracic conditions including ischaemic heart disease, valvular disease (both valve replacement and repair, including for rheumatic heart disease), aortic disease (including valve-sparing aortic surgery), adult congenital heart conditions, some paediatric procedures (at Women's and Children's Hospital) and both benign and malignant lung and other chest diseases. CTSU has particular expertise in cardiac surgery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients with over 100 Northern Territory patients being seen in 2015. In collaboration with Interventional Cardiology, CTSU is also a leader in trans catheter valve procedures (TAVI's). In addition, CTSU is the referral centre for South Australia and the Northern Territory for extraction of pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defribillator devices in the event of complications.


CTSU has a research team lead by Associate Professor Rob Baker, and strong links with the Flinders University School of Medicine. The research team is widely recognised for its commitment to high quality evidence based practice in cardiac surgery and extracorpreal technology (cardiopulmonary bypass)