Laboratory devices

Biomedical Research Support

Laboratory devices

FBE, Flinders Biomedical Engineering, have developed devices for the Flinders University School of Medicine to enable research with development of special laboratory devices. 

Devices developed by Biomedical Engineering

DNA Sequencer

This is a temperature controlled air bath that holds large vertical electrophoresis plates at an even temperature to avoid distortion of the DNA "tracks" that occur with uneven heating over an electrophoresis plate. [BME1400]

Vacuum relays switch the high voltage supply for operator safety and fans ensure good temperature distribution.

Magnetic stirrer

This device moves a magnet back & forth across a 96-microliter sample holder to provide mixing action for magnetic beads (5-10 micron) suspended in the fluid. The speed of movement and the distance from the sample holder to the magnet are adjustable. [BME1477]

Microscope stage CO2 incubator

Temperature controller for a carbon-dioxide incubator surround for microscope stage. Originally this was designed for in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) work to give a controlled temperature carbon-dioxide rich environment around a microscope stage. The hood is fabricated from 6mm acrylic sheet to fit the microscope with minimal footprint. To ensure that the microscope image is shake-free, great care is taken to reduce motor vibration, physically separate it from the micrsoscope and to minimise gas flow turbulence. [BME1384]

Na K "economy" Colorimeter

A prototype sodium and potassium colorimeter, designed to be used in the field in underdeveloped countries. It is low cost, portable and able to operate off a single 12V car battery supply. This microcontroller based system will calculate the concentrations of the two electrolytes in blood serum samples by observing the change in optical absorbance during an enzymatic reaction in a temperature controlled environment. Standards of known concentration will be used for calibration purposes. The sample carousel holds six samples and two calibration standards that take up to 12 minutes to analyse. [BME1373]


DNA sequencer


Magnetic stirrer


Microscope incubator

Microscope with incubator


Photometer 2

Publications using BME developed devices

DGMBR, Double-chambered gel-immobilised membrane bioreactor

Zhang W, Berry A, Franco CMM. An improved procedure for characterization of spatial and temporal evolution of immobilized cells in gel membranes. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol (2001) 56:693–699. (Abstract at PubMed)

Automated chromatographic peak detection

Hartley TF, Philcox JC, Beesley JF, Robson JB. Computerized chromatographic peak detection using the trigg tracking signal. An application devised for use with an online analog to digital converter connected between an amino acid analyser and a personal computer. Biomed Chromatogr. 1987;2(3):104-9 (Abstract at PubMed)

Hartley TF, Philcox JC, Beesley JF, Robson JB. An on-line integrator for a plasma amino acid analyser constructed using a 12 bit analog to digital converter and a Z80 based personal computer. Journal of Food and Nutrition. 42(4):190-191,1985. (Abstract Pdf 83kb)