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Tissue Stretching Devices

FBE, Flinders Biomedical Engineering, have developed devices for the Flinders University School of Medicine to enable controlled stretching of tissues. Tissue stretchers are used to measure gut motility.

Devices developed by Biomedical Engineering

Tissue stretcher with DC motor

Produces an analog output of distance and strain that piece of tissue experiences during a predefined pattern of tissue stretching and relaxation. It complements BME 1357 with a DC motor replacing the stepper motor used and with a revised electronic system design. This has to be used in some situations where electrical interference from stepper motor controllers is a problem. [BME1445 ] 

8-channel tissue stretcher

A segment of small intestine, 7-10cm long, is cut into a flat sheet and pinned along one edge. The other edge is connected using a number of hooks attached to force transducers to the linear actuators. The eight channel unit consists of a maximum of eight identical modules mounted in a KM6-II universal 19” subrack. Similarly, the three channel unit consists of a maximum of three identical rack mounted modules. Each module consists of a MC68HC711E9 processor which is programmed with code written using Hi-Tech C Cross Compiler. The processor controls all facets of the tissue stretching for that particular module and allows interconnection between modules. Each module is connected to and controls a bipolar linear actuator and a force transducer (strain gauge). [BME1357]

  DC Tissue stretcher box

DC tissue stretcher

Tissue stretcher box

Tissue stretcher open

Publications using BME developed devices

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