Coordinated Veterans’ Care Program

The Coordinated Veterans’ Care (CVC) Program is a coordinated care program initiated by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. It provides high quality coordinated care to DVA Gold Card holders with chronic and complex health conditions to help them better manage their health and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions. 

The CVC Program aims to improve the health of participants by:

•  providing ongoing planned and coordinated care from a GP and a nurse
•  educating and empowering participants to self-manage their conditions
•  encouraging the most socially isolated to participate in community activities.

FHBHRU is one of the partner organisations responsible for the development and management of the training and education modules to support the CVC Program.

CVC Program training and education 

Training and education to support the CVC Program is designed for general practitioners, practice nurses, community nurses and Aboriginal health practitioners who will be leading and providing care coordination for CVC participants.

 Resources are available in a number of formats:

1. Register for Online learning

CVC online modules are based on up-to-date evidence-based models of chronic condition care, offering flexible, self-paced learning about enrolling veterans in the CVC Program and providing them with ongoing and coordinated care. There are four modules:

  • Module One: Coordinated Veterans’ Care – Is your service ready?
  • Module Two: Care planning and coordination with the Flinders Program™
  • Module Three: Managing Care Plans with disease-specific elements
  • Module Four: Veterans' social isolation, mental health and wellbeing.

To enrol in and commence the CVC Program online register here.


2. Hard Copy & USB formats

 Modules One and Two are available in hard copy, and all four modules are available on USB. 

 To request these versions click here


3. Register for a Workshop

Update: 20th June 2014: Currently there are no further Module Two: Coordinated Veterans' Care: Care Planning and Coordination with the Flinders Program™workshops scheduled however we recognise the ongoing demand for these workshops and are maintaining an Expressions of Interest register. We will update this webpage as further information becomes available and will contact all individuals and organisations on the register.

To add your details to the Expressions of Interest register please call 1800 652 357 (toll free) or email

To view past workshop dates or to check for any updates regarding workshops in your area click here.


Quick links

CVC Program training

1. To register for the CVC Program online training register here .

2. To request a USB with all 4 Modules, click here

3. Module 2 workshops: To add your details to the Expressions of Interest register, please call 1800 652 357 or email

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