NTMP Research

NTMP staff and adjunct academics generate research outcomes in many health related fields.  NTMP collaborates with many research partners including Menzies School of Health Research, Centre for Remote Health, Charles Darwin University and the Department of Health and Families.

2009 publications that cite NTCS are listed below:

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Current Staff Research

Ms Narelle Campbell

Narelle's current NTMP research includes the Rural Allied Health Workforce Study (RAHWS) and the Allied Health Work-Integrated Learning (AHWIL) project.

Narelle is also currently studying her PhD through the University of Queensland.  Her research topic is "Motivation and personality profiles in remote and rural allied health professionals".

Key Publications

Bull, A Midwives teaching Medical students at Royal Darwin Hospital, O&G Magazine, 10 (1) 36-38, 2008

Campbell N, Smedts A, Lowe S, Keane S, Smith T The Northern Territory Allied Health Workforce Study (PDF 518KB) A collaborative project between NT Clinical School and The University Departments of Rural Health, Tasmania, Northern Rivers and Tamworth May 2010

Einsiedel L, Fernandes L. Strongyloides stercoralis: a cause of morbidity and mortality for indigenous people in Central Australia. Intern Med J. 2008 Sep;38(9):697-703

Einsiedel L, Fernandes L and Woodman R Racial disparities in infection-related mortality at Alice Springs Hospital, Central Australia, 2000--2005. Med J Aust. 2008 May 19;188(10):568-71.

Lowe M, Kerridge I, McPhee J, Hart C. Do patients have an obligation to participate in student teaching? Med Educ. 2008 Mar;42(3):237-41.

McDonnel-Smedts A, Lowe MP. Efficiency of clinical training at the Northern Territory Clinical School: placement length and rate of return for internship. Med J Aust. 2008 Aug 4;189(3):166-8>

McDonnel-Smedts A, Lowe MP. Clinical Training in the Top End: Impact of the Northern Territory Clinical School, Australia, On the Territory's Health Workforce Rural and Remote Health 7 (online), 2007: 723.

Worley P, Martin A, Prideaux D, Woodman R, Worley E, Lowe M Vocational career paths of graduate entry medical students at Flinders University: a comparison of rural, remote and tertiary tracks. Med J Aust. 2008 Feb 4;188(3):177-8


Conference Presentations

Healthy People, Healthy Planet (PDF 1MB) Presented by Eliza Gill at the Association for Tertiary Education Management Conference, Darwin, 2009.  Poster won best poster award at the Conference.

Community Visits for Medical Students (PDF 1MB) Presented by A.Prof Fred McConnell and Dr Anna Smedts at the NTGPE Teaching and Learning Conference, Alice Springs, 2009

Work integrated learning: Allied Health in rural and remote Australia (PDF 479KB) Presented by Ms Narelle Campbell and Dr Anna Smedts at the NTGPE Teaching and Learning Conference, Alice Springs, 2009

Community Based Medical Education in the NT (PDF 783KB) Presented by A.Prof Sarah Strasser at the ICEMEN Conference, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Canada, 2008

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