Sustainability at Flinders

Resource Recovery

We’ve listened and we love your bold ideas.

The top 10 insights from your feedback and the key themes they address:

  1. Provide more information on how the university community can make sustainable choices (Education; Social & Community)
  2. Provide a forum for passionate sustainability advocates to have a say (Social & Community)
  3. Find a better way to reduce, reuse or recycle more materials on our campuses (Education; Research; Social & Community; Resources Recovery)
  4. Support the university community to engage in campus sustainability issues through funding and other support (Education; Research; Social & Community)
  5. Eliminate single use plastics used for food and beverages (Food; Social & Community; Resources Recovery)
  6. Keep investing in renewable energy generation on campus (Education; Research; Building & Landscapes; Energy & Emissions; Transport)
  7. Increase the community gardens on our campuses and grow more edible species (Education; Research; Social & Community; Building & Landscapes; Food)
  8. Enhance the Lake and turn it into a sustainability demonstration site (Education; Research; Social & Community; Building & Landscapes; Water)
  9. Continue to capitalise on efficiency opportunities in energy and water management (Education; Research; Social & Community; Building & Landscapes; Energy & Emissions; Water)
  10. Improve public transport options and support diversity in getting to, from and around campus (Social & Community; Energy & Emissions; Transport)