Take your place in the future of law

Legal Advice Clinic

We provide law students with practical experience opportunities at the Legal Advice Clinic, a free legal advice service to the community. 

You will be able to work in the Clinic completing law work under the supervision of an practising lawyer, as part of your degree.

Be prepared for a new age of law

Much of our world has a legal dimension and with society facing critical challenges through the advent of new technologies, law has never mattered more. A Flinders law degree will empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle the legal challenges of the 21st century and to make a difference and leave your mark.

At Flinders you can also add innovation and enterprise electives to your degree to gain new, adaptable and transferable skills that will equip you for changes in the global job market.


Our suite of innovation and enterprise electives prepare you for the careers of tomorrow by developing what we like to call ‘personal enterprise skills’ – the innate ability to adapt to whatever life throws at you, professionally and personally.

You’ll be career-ready and empowered to make your mark on the world.