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Before studying psychology, I was a physiotherapist for 25 years. I got interested in mindfulness in the latter part of my physio career, teaching it to patients with chronic pain and general life stress. I was excited to know I could study psychology on a “fast track” through the postgraduate entry stream. I’m now doing a PhD, researching mindfulness in early high school as a prevention program targeting anxiety, depression and eating disorders. I feel incredibly lucky to have changed careers midstream to do work I am really passionate about.

Catherine Johnson Psychology PhD candidate

During my criminology studies at Flinders University I have been continuously amazed by the commitment my teachers have provided to my personal success and the access I have had to internationally recognised academics working within the school. Their willingness to give their time to provide support and encouragement has given me the confidence to continue studying a research higher degree at Flinders and carve out a completely new and unimagined future.

Tom Knight Postgraduate Criminology student

Psychology appealed to me because of the breadth of topics offered. I was surprised at the range of real-world applications from improving eyewitness testimony to managing crowd behaviour at sporting events. I’m now at the CSIRO, where I started as a research assistant before completing a PhD.

Nadia Corsini Psychology graduate

After 15 years in the physical sciences I wanted a change. I love learning about people and what makes us who we are, and as a scientist, psychology (the science of the mind) seemed like a great fit. Graduate entry into psychology opened an efficient pathway for me to change career. The coursework has been stretching yet fascinating, and the opportunity to design and lead my own research projects has been especially exciting. As a scientist who deeply cares about people I feel I have found my place!

Ben McLean Clinical Psychology PhD candidate