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Flinders Business Trading Room

If you want to understand global markets, there’s only so much you can get from text books. You need to be out there, on the trading floor, feeling the noise and excitement, making high-stakes decisions in real time.

Welcome to the Business Trading Room. It’s a simulated financial trading centre for students enrolled in Flinders Business degrees.

For the first time, Flinders students will be able to actually engage with the derivatives trading exchange. To put theory into practice. To test themselves against volatile international markets.

How does it work?

The Flinders Business Trading Room is essentially a cutting-edge market simulation program. Students can access time-series data on security prices and exchange rates, execute trades in real time, and plug into financial modelling that mimics the global derivatives market.

The Trading Room is powered by the same tech used by institutional dealing rooms, fund managers and government research departments. It even has mobile and algorithmic trading capabilities.

Think of it like Wall Street for beginners.

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