Dr Aileen Collier

Associate Professor

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

place Bedford Park
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Aileen has worked as a specialist palliative care nurse in a diverse range of settings in Scotland and Australia and as a nurse educator in Laos. She is passionate about providing quality post-graduate palliative care education and building capacity in palliative and end-of-life care research. Aileen's research interests and teaching philosophy undergirds a commitment to her practical work, with moral and pragmatic questions always being anchored to clinical 'realities'. She is interdisciplinary in inclination and is an advocate of interdisciplinary research that brings together diverse disciplines in response to 'wicked' problems. Aileen has recently completed her humanities and social sciences PhD titled "Deleuzians of Patient Safety: A Video-reflexive Ethnography of End-of-Life Care.


Bsc(Hons) Nursing

Post Graduate Diploma Palliative Care


Honours, awards and grants

Current Projects

2015-2016 Brilliance in Evidence-based Community Palliative Care, Collier, A., Crawford, G., Dadic, A., Collier, A., Agar, M., Harlum, J., Waldron, P., Smeal, T. Flinders University Establishment Grant

2015– 2017 Brilliance in Evidence-based Palliative Care, Dadic, A., Collier, A., Agar, M., Harlum, J., Waldron, P., Smeal, T. Agency for Clinical Innovation, NSW

2015-2016 A Qualitative Exploration of Malabsorption Associated with Pancreatic Cancer - Interviews with Patients and Carers. Muircroft, W, Gott, M., Price, T, Currow, D.C. , Gooden, H., Carey, S., Collier, A., Devlin, L.

2015-2016 Breathless patients' perceptions of oxygen therapy. Breaden, K., Collier, A., Phillips, J., Currow, D. C. Bassett, K. Allcroft, P. Flinders University Establishment Grant


2013 ATLAS.ti International Institute Qualitative Methods (IIQM) PhD Dissertation Award

Key responsibilities

Research Portfolio

Supervisory interests
Health communication
Health services research
Organisational communication
Palliative care
Palliative care in aged care
Participatory research methods
Qualitative research methods
Safety and quality of end-of-life care
Symptom management of breathlessness
Teaching and learning (palliative care)
Video reflexive ethnography
Higher degree by research supervision
Associate supervisor: aged care (2)