Professor Alison Jones

Dean (Education)

College of Medicine and Public Health

place Health Sciences
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Passionate about improving healthcare education to prepare our future clinicians, with a focus on work-ready graduates who will be able to adapt to the challenges of healthcare in the coming years

Understand the pressures our junior and early career healthcare workforce face and want to ensure they can stretch themselves, have satisfying careers, and adapt to the changing needs of the population

Believe we have to ensure our students have realistic expectations and are excited about what their future career pathways could look like.

To achieve all this we need to invest in good governance around clinical training.

We need to support students and graduates across the training pipeline or continuum, and offer career choices that will keep them motivated and engaged.

As a firm believer in preventative healthcare, accept that there are challenges in adapting the current healthcare workforce models to meet future patient needs - but this has to be our priority. Keeping people well and out of hospital has to be an important focus in the future and we need to ensure our students and graduates are able to play a leadership role in this. They need to be good ‘system navigators’ so they can influence future research, healthcare policy development and resourcing at a local, national and global level.

Critical to ensuring we have a strong record for producing work-ready graduates is support for our academic, scientific and clinical staff who are the foundation for this success.


  • Significant experience in supporting workplace based learning, particularly with clinical educators and supervisors, across the health system.
  • Published extensively in the area of health professions education, supervised Masters and Ph.D. students, and continues to be actively involved nationally and internationally.
  • BA (hons) Social Policy, University of York, UK
  • PhD Medical Education, University of Manchester, UK

'A comparison of the outcomes of a traditional and an innovative medical curriculum'

  • Australian Institute of Company Directors, Company Directors Course
Higher degree by research supervision
Principal supervisor: Medical Education (4)