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Professor Andrekos Varnava, FRHistS, FRSA, was born (1979) and raised in Melbourne to Cypriot-born parents, obtained his BA(Honours) from Monash Uni(2001) and his PhD(2006) from the Uni of Melbourne. He has authored four monographs: Assassination in Colonial Cyprus in 1934 and the Origins of EOKA(Anthem,2021); British Cyprus and the Long Great War, 1914-1925: Empire, Loyalties and Democratic Deficit(Routledge,2020); Serving the Empire in the Great War: The Cypriot Mule Corps, Imperial Loyalty and Silenced Memory(ManUniPress,2017) and British Imperialism in Cyprus, 1878-1915: The Inconsequential Possession(ManUniPress,2009). He has edited/co-edited 16 collections, most recently: Popular Culture and its Relationship to Conflict in the UK and Australia since the Great War(Routledge,2023); New Perspectives on the Greek War of Independence: Myths, Realities, Legacies and Reflections(Palgrave,2022); Exiting War: The British Empire and the 1918-20 Moment(ManUniPress,2022); After the Armistice: Empire, Endgame and Aftermath(Routledge,2021). He has co-edited special issues of Immigrants & Minorities, 40(1-2), 2022, Australian Historical Studies, 52(1), 2021, Contemporary British History, 33(4), 2019 and Itinerario, 38(3), 2014 and published over 70 articles/chapters including in English Historical Review(2017), The Historical Journal(2014), Journal of Modern History(2018), Historical Research(2014,2017,2022), Social History of Medicine(2020), International History Review(2021), Immigrants & Minorities(2022); Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History(2023), Labor History(2023), Australian Historical Studies(2024) and European Review of History (2024).

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Andrekos published his first poetry collection, 'In the Aviary of Youthful Freedom', in 2015. Here he recites 'Of Mules and Men', about Serving the Empire.


PhD (in History), University of Melbourne, August 2006.

BA (Honours First Class), Monash University, November 2001.

Honours, awards and grants

2022-2025: ARCLP210100204, Professor Andrew May (Lead CI); Dr Thomas Kehoe (I); Professor Andrekos Varnava (CI); Dr Carolyn Holbrook (CI); Professor Alan Moodie (CI); Dr Richie Barker; Ms Hayley Jones (PI): 'Cancer culture: understanding anti-cancer campaigns in Australia'. $566,400.

2023: Elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society for Arts, UK (FRSA).

2021: Joint winner, Flinders Most Supportive Supervisor.

2021: Joint winner, HASS Award for Research Excellence (individual).

2018-21: ARCDP180102200, A/Professor Andrekos Varnava (Lead CI); E/P Eric Richards (CI); A/P Marinella Marmo (CI); Dr Anastasia Dukova (PI Griffith University), titled: 'Managing migrants and border control in Britain and Australia, 1901-1981', $206,531. Dr Evan Smith is a Research Fellow. Here is our website.

2018-: Honorary Professor, De Montfort Uni, Leicester.

2016: Flinders Research Grant (Faculty), $8,300: 'The Colonial Origins of Refugee Exclusion: Russian and Armenian Refugees in British Cyprus in the 1920s'.

2016: Flinders Research Grant (Faculty), $11,765: 'Betrayed Promises: Allied Imperialism, Humanitarianism and the Armenians'.

2014: Elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Historical Society, UK (FRHistS).

2014: Flinders Research Grant (Faculty) New Project, $6,000 (with Evan Smith): 'Monitoring a "suspect community" in the UK: The colonialist origins of the national/border security nexus and interwar London's Cypriot community'.

2012: Visiting Professor, Bogazici Uni, June-August 2012.

2012: Australian Academy of the Humanities Travelling Fellowship, $2,500: 'British Imperialism in Cyprus and the First World War, 1915-1925'.

2009: Flinders Research Scheme, $4,000: 'The Establishment of the Legion d'Orient in October 1916'.

2003: A.G. Leventis Foundation Grant, $US3,500

2003: Postgraduate Overseas Research Scholarship, Uni of Melbourne, $3,000

2002: PhD Fieldwork Grant, Uni of Melbourne, $2,000

2002-5: Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)

2000: Monash Travel Abroad, $1,000

Key responsibilities


Teaching Program Director for History, Archaeology, Indigenous & Australian Studies, and Geography.


Research Section Head for History and Archaeology and member of College Research Committee, 2018

Member of BA Course Advisory Committee, 2016-7

History Honours Coordinator, 2010-8

Coordinator of the Flinders History Research Seminar Series, 2016-8

History Director of Studies, 2016-8

Book reviews editor for History Australia, 2016-8

Teaching interests

Imperialism and colonialism; the rise and fall of the British empire; war and society in the modern world; the Great War; the history of terrorism; genocide and ethnic cleansing; the Ottoman Empire; the modern Mediterranean; the Armenian Genocide; the Cyprus 'problem'.

Topic coordinator
HIST2014 War and Society in the Modern World
HIST2002 The Rise of Britannia's Empire and the Colonial Experience
HIST3004 The Fall of Britannia's Empire and the Postcolonial Experience
HIST2043 Terrorism and Society in Modern Europe
HIST1704 History's Killing Fields
Topic lecturer
HIST7006 Making Histories
HIST1704 History's Killing Fields
Supervisory interests
Armenian genocide
British Imperialism
British imperial expansion and decolonisation
Cyprus problem
European imperial expansion and decolonisation
First World War in the Near and Middle East
History, British Empire
History, Cyprus 1191-present
History, Middle Eastern history of cultural, linguistic and religious minorities
History, Ottoman Empire and Turkey
Military history
South-eastern Europe social, political and cultural change
World War 1
Higher degree by research supervision
Principal supervisor: Yianni Cartledge, ‘Aegean Islander Migration to the United Kingdom and Australia, 1815-1945: Emigration, Community Building and Integration’ (1)
Principal supervisor: Ann Matters, 'British Imperialism in Mesopotamia, 1916-1932' (1), Iliya Marovich-Old, Challenges to British Imperial Hegemony in the Mediterranean 1919-1940 (1), Marilyn Arnold, ‘Promoting Emigration to South Australia from Britain, 1829-c1850: The Importance of Newspapers and other Literature to the South Australian Colonisation Project’ (1), Kieran Mortimer-Murphy, ‘French and British Policy and Culture in Egypt 1798-1841: The Reign of Muhammad Ali and the Eastern Crisis’ (1), Stephanie Jacobs, ‘My Beloved Enemy: Muslim-Christian Relations in Cyprus prior to Conflict and Division’ (1), Casey Raeside, 'British Humanitarian Thought, The Morant Bay Massacre, and the Bulgarian Atrocities' (1), Sandra Kearney, 'Finding a Needle in a Haystack. An Examination of the South Australian Red Cross Information Bureau 1915-1919' (1), Ellen Whitton, 'Filmakers as Historians: The Films of Powell and Pressburger' (1)
Associate supervisor: Darryl Burrows, Historians at War: Cold War Influences on Anglo-American Representations of the Spanish Civil War (1), Simon King, 'The development and reception of public opinion polling in Australia 1920-1945' (1), Stephanie James, 'Deep green loathing? An examination of shifting Irish - Australian loyalties in the Victorian and South Australian Irish - Catholic press 1868 - 1923' (1)
Expert for media contact
History - British
History - European
Britain and The Middle East
British Imperialism
Cyprus Problem
First World War in the Near and Middle East
Greco-Turkish Relations
History of Cyprus 1191-Present
Late Ottoman Empire
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Media expertise
  • Conflict/Disputes
  • History - British
  • History - European
  • Nationalism
  • Refugees
  • Terrorism
  • Britain and The Middle East
  • British Imperialism
  • Cyprus Problem
  • First World War in the Near and Middle East
  • Greco-Turkish Relations
  • History of Cyprus 1191-Present
  • Late Ottoman Empire
Further information


With Dr Ari Barbalat from NewBooksNetwork for the interview on 'Assassination in Colonial Cyprus, 1934', 21 January 2024.

With Dr Ari Barbalat from NewBooksNetwork for the interview on 'British Cyprus and the Long Great War', 27 November 2023

Podcast titled ‘Experiencing Colonial Rule: Cypriots under British Administration’ for Bαhçές, 14 January 2023.

With Andreas Charalambous on the British occupation and early administration of Cyprus, 2 December 2022

Australian Historical Association Interview with Dr Margaret Hutchison, 1 May 2017

'Reunification for Cyprus?' on ABC Radio National, 5 February 2017

Andrekos on Australia and the Great War on ABC Radio Tropical North with Meech Philpott

Recent & Forthcoming Conference Presentations/Public Lectures

(with Yianni Cartledge) “Making and Monitoring a ‘Suspect Community’: Australian Attacks on Greeks and the ‘Secret Census’ in 1916”, Greek Orthodox Community of SA, Ikaros Hall, Unley, 9 October 2023.

‘Post-British or Post-Ottoman? Mass Violence in Cyprus 1963-1974’, symposium titled, Mass Violence in the (Post)Ottoman Lands, University of Newcastle (Australia), 6 September 2023.

‘Reimagining the Road to Cypriot Independence’, Australasian Association for European History (AAEH), Australian National University, 27-30 June 2023.

(with Tim Mansueto) ‘A Civil War by any Other Name? Critiquing The Quantitative Literature in Peace and Conflict Studies and the Cypriot Civil War, 1963-67’, Flinders History Seminar Series, 4 November 2022.

‘Cypriot Migration to Australia and the Story of the Corsica, 1951-52’, Cypriot Community of SA and the Greek Orthodox Community of SA, 21 August 2022.

‘Towards a Biography of Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam’, Flinders History Seminar Series, 28 October 2016.