Dr Andrew Lammas


College of Science and Engineering

place Tonsley Building (WS4.035)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Born and raised in Adelaide.

From an early age had a passion to understand machines by pulling them apart. Eventually I learned to put them back together.

After graduating in 2004 and achieving a PhD in 2012, the previous 12 years have been spent working on industry affiliated projects as a post-doctoral research associate. These projects have been varied but are summarised below.

In December 2023 I started my current position of Lecturer of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, where I continue my research finding novel applications for algorithms that I have expertise in as show below

Previous research project ahve been many and varied but can be summarised into the following research fields.

  • State Estimation
    • Localisation
    • Online and offline model estimation
    • Machine learning
    • Neural networks
  • Control
    • Actuator control
    • Model based - platform control (particularly model based trajectory algorithms)
  • Trajectory Planning
    • Obstacle avoidance
    • Underwater vehicle docking
    • Time/energy efficient planning
  • Path Planning
    • Obstacle avoidance
    • Path cost minimisation

Additionally I have worked in the area of

  • PV Solar Power generation estimation and prediction
  • Lifecycle modelling of large scale battery storage systems

In parallel to the afore mention research I had been responsible for the development of many topics and delivery of many more on top, these includes topics such as;

  • Estimation & Machine Learning
    • Bayesian Filtering
    • Kalman Filtering
    • Particle Filtering
    • Bayesian Mapping
  • Hydrostatics
    • Ship buoyancy
    • Ship stability
    • Ship safety
  • Electromagnetics
    • Electrical fields
    • Magnetic fields
    • Electromagnetic propagation
  • Electronic Circuits
    • Diodes
    • Transistors
    • Operational Amplifiers

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems) - Flinders University 2004

Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering) - Flinders University 2012

Key responsibilities

Topic Coordinator

ENGR2731 Electronic Circuits

ENGR8771 Electronic Circuits GE


ENGR8771 Estimation & Machine Learning

Academic Supervision

Honours and Master Student Project Supervision

PhD Candidate Supervision

RobotX Maritime Robotics Competition

Community Outreach, Engagement and Recruiting

Regional Roadshows - Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Open Days - Maritime Engineering

Community Science Events (such as Science Alive et. al.) - Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Topic coordinator
ENGR2731 Electronic Circuits
ENGR8771 Electronic Circuits GE
Topic lecturer
ENGR7732 Estimation and Machine Learning
Supervisory interests
Battery management
Battery sensing and modelling
Control engineering
Control of robotic platforms
Development of intelligent systems for robot intelligence
Hydrodynamic modelling
Nonlinear signal processing
Robot planning
Robotic sensor processing
Sensor interfacing
Sensor processing
Signal and image processing
State estimation
Higher degree by research supervision
Associate supervisor: Robotic Planning (3), Battery Sensing (1)
Associate supervisor: Robotic Path Planning (1)
Expert for media contact
Artificial intelligence
Engineering - Electrical and Electronic
Signal processing
Digital Twins
Robotics - Autonomy
Available for contact via
Or contact the media team
+61 8 82012092
0427 398 713
Media expertise
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Electromagnetics
  • Engineering - Electrical and Electronic
  • Signal processing
  • Digital Twins
  • Robotics - Autonomy