Associate Professor Andrew Rowland

Associate Professor in Clinical Pharmacology

College of Medicine and Public Health

place Flinders Medical Centre (6D:306.1)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

I am passionate about ensuring that oncology patients achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes, teaching young clinicians and scientists and being a role model for courage, integrity and perseverence to my two sons.

I was awarded a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology from Flinders University in 2009, then spent two years as a post-doctoral researcher in the Miners’ Drug Metabolism laboratory. In 2011 I was appointed to my current academic position in the College of Medicine and Public Health. Now Associate Professor, and as a Beat Cancer Mid-Career Research Fellow, I am a leader of the Precision Medicine Group here at Flinders. In this role I lead a dynamic team of scientists and students undertaking cutting edge research in the fields of precision oncology and extracellular vesicle derived biomarkers of drug exposure.

I teach the core principles of pharmacology and therapeutics to a spectrum of medical and health professionals including doctors, nurse prescribers, paramedics and medical scientists. My research focus is the advancement of precision medicine approaches such that they translate to direct improvements for cancer patients by facilitating the maximal therapeutic benefit from targeted anti-cancer medicines, while minimising the harmful effects of these drugs.

2009 - PhD (Pharmacology) - Flinders University
2004 - BSc Hons (Pharmacology) - Flinders University
Honours, awards and grants


2019 - Beat Cancer Mid-Career Research Fellowship

2017 - ASCEPT / Certara New Investigator Award

2013 - Flinders University Vice Chancellor's Award for Early Career Researchers

External Grant Funding:

I have been a Chief Investigator on successful national and international competitive research applications totaling in excess of $4 million funding. Current funding for my group includes:

2019    Cancer Council Mid Career Research Fellowship    $600,000
Fellowship – Category 3 National Competitive Funding

2019    Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development         $391,000
Chief Investigator A – International Industry Funding

2018    NHMRC Project Grant                                         $731,812
Chief Investigator A – Category 1 National Competitive Funding

2018    Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development         $340,000
Chief Investigator A – International Industry Funding

Teaching interests

I actively engage with innovative formats for teaching clinical and experimental pharmacology to students across many courses and degrees within the Faculty of Health Science at Flinders University. I am also involved in the ongoing education and training of Paramedics, Doctors and Nurse Practitioners, and supervise post graduate (Honours and PhD) and graduate medical research (MD) students within this faculty.

Topic coordinator
PARA3006 Applied Pharmacology
MMED9150 Medicine 1A - Human Homeostasis (Pharmacology Block)
MMED3934 Principles of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Topic lecturer
MMED9110 Principles of Pharmacology and Toxicology
MMED9111 Pharmacology for Advanced Professional Practice
Supervisory interests
Clinical pharmacokinetics
Drug metabolising enzymes, cytochrome P450 and UDP-glucuronosyltransferase
Drug-drug interactions
Higher degree by research supervision
Principal supervisor: Pharmacology (2)
Associate supervisor: Pharmacology (2)
Associate supervisor: Pharmacology (1)
Higher degree by research student achievements
Ms Asha Kapetas

2019 Simcyp Most Informative Scientific Report - AUG 2019

Mr Warit Ruanglertboon

2019 British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology Prize - NOV 2019

Dr Madelé van Dyk

2015 ASCEPT Drug Disposition and Response Prize - DEC 2015

Ms Lauren Newman

2019 Drug Disposition and Response Prize - NOV 2019

  • Pharmacology
  • Precision Medicine