Ms Angie Sterland

Senior Technical Officer, Clinical Skills Laboratories

College Services, Nursing and Health Sciences

place Sturt East (E225)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Angie is a registered nurse and midwife working as the Senior Technical Officer (midwifery focus) in the simulation Healthcare Hub at Sturt. Angie is also a proud alumni of Flinders university completing four degrees since commencing her nursing studies at Sturt SACAE.

Angie's first nursing job was at the Adelaide Childrens Hospital, specialising in infection control, respiratory and infectious disease management and later as the Clinical specialist for paediatric gastroenterology. Her nursing carreer has afforded her many diverse jobs and opportunities over the years with work interstate and in the community and disability sectors. Prior to commening work at Flinders University Angie was the Unit Manager for a large Womens' Health Unit in a Northern Victorian hospital.

In 2016 Angie returned to SA for family committments and commenced her current role. Motivated by her new position and working closely with the acaedimic team she has commenced a Bachelor of Clinical Education with a focus in simulation.

Angie has a keen interest in simulation and its impact on learning and teaching and believes that the greatest reward from this role is to observe a student deeply engaged in their learning in an authentic simulated activity. The occasional agency shift on weekends keeps her grounded and reminds her constantly of the imporatnce and value of life long learning.


Graduate Certificate Clinical Education

Bachelor of Midwifery

Bachelor of Nursing

Diploma of Aplied Science - Nursing

Honours, awards and grants

2020 Vice President's Teaching Excellence Award, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Flinders University

2020 Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, Flinders University

Key responsibilities

Plans, coordinates and manages resources to ensure simulated laboratory activities are authentic, accurate and appropriate to the area and topic.

Liaises closely with Topic Coordinators to develop student instructions and clinical activities while managing resources including the lab environment, consumables and other essential resources.

Supports the Manager with supervision and leadership of technical staff team. Assists with strategic planning, budget preparation and best practice for Clinical simulation.

Provides logistical and strategic support to timetabling of clinical topics and Nursing and midwifery programs.

Manages fleet of varying technologies and fidelity manikins coordinating asset control, servicing and software updates.

Consults with industry partners to maintain resourses and current knowledge base.

Collaborating with academic team to develop Clinical Storey books for undergraduate students with current research - Clinical Skills Videos, bridging the gap between research, practice and education. A project that aims to develop and evaluate clinical skills videos that align to practices in South Australia with a focus on holistic and relationship based care.

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