Anh Le

Associate Lecturer (Teaching Specialist (Acad))

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

place Bedford Park (7E:109)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

I'm a theoretical linguist interested in the interaction between semantics and syntax (syntax-semantics interface). I focus on the grammars of the languages situating on the further analytic end of the analytic-synthetic spectrum, especially Mainland South East Asian (MSEA) languages. In particular, I am intrigued by the very creation of different grammatical categories that seems to be from the perspective of accommodating overt grammatical morphemes thus overlooking the prevalent covert pattern of grammatical marking in highly analytic languages. My PhD thesis is a functional account of the categorisation of time-marking particles in Vietnamese, in which I argue that these words are discourse particles of sequentiality but have been fallaciously analysed as morphosyntactic markers of Tense-Aspect-Mood (TAM).

AKA/Common Misspellings: Quang Anh Le, Ahn Le, Ahn Lee, Quang Lee, Allan Le, Allan Lee, Alain Lee

Research Interests include:

  • Tense-Aspect-Mood (TAM)
  • MSEA languages, analytic (isolating) languages
  • Syntax-semantics interface
  • Grammaticalization theory
  • Spatial and temporal systems of deixis
  • Particles, discourse particles
  • Quantitative methods in text narrative
  • Semiotics, History of linguistics

BA (Linguistics and German Studies)

Key responsibilities

Teaching Specialist (Linguistics and Phonetics)

Teaching interests

Functional Grammars (including SFL, RRG, RCG)


Translation studies


Topic coordinator
SPTH9121 Professional Studies and Communication Sciences
Topic lecturer
SPTH1506 Linguistics and Phonetics 1
SPTH1509 Linguistics and Phonetics 2
SPTH9121 Professional Studies and Communication Sciences