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Dr Ania Kotarba was born in Kraków, Poland where she was educated in Archeology, Ancient History, Anthropology and Comparative Religion Studies at the medieval Jagiellonian University. In 2009 she obtained her MPhil there on the relationships between Cyprus, Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean in the Iron Age. Whilst pursuing her undergraduate degree she sojurned for an exchange programme to the University of Warsaw and later spent a year of her Masters programme as an ERASMUS student at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece where she extended her portfolio to Ancient Art History.

Ania holds a PhD (DPhil) degree from the Oxford University in the UK where she was based at the Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology (OCMA) in the School of Archaeology. Her PhD research used tools such as geoarchaeology, geophysics, maritime archaeology, historical archives, spatial analysis and sedimentological techniques with an aim to explore major ancient ports of trade — with a case study site of Berenike Troglodytica on the Red Sea coast of Egypt — and associated infilled harbour basins around the coasts of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. The results of this thesis lead to a better understanding of human adaptations to — and interaction with — the natural environment of the Red Sea (including sea level change in the Ptolemaic and Roman periods) and to elucidate mechanisms of far­‐distance maritime trade in the Early Historic (Pre­‐Islamic) period within the wider Mediterranean-Indian Ocean protoglobalised world.

Dr Kotarba has previously held a post of a Lecturer in Archaeology and Ancient History at Macquarie University, Sydney and a Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Wollongong.


PhD (2015) The University of Oxford, UK, School of Archaeology, Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology

“The Port of Berenike Troglodytica on the Egyptian Red Sea: a Landscape-based approach to the study of its harbour and its role in Indo-Mediterranean trade.”

MPhil (2009) Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland, Institute of Archaeology

“Recognising multiple connections between Cyprus and the Near East in the Iron Age based on a multi-faceted study of oriental influences in decoration of bronze elements of horse harnessing, carts and chariots from the Royal Tombs in Cypriot Salamis.”

Honours, awards and grants

Teaching Awards:

2016 and 2017 Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning (OCTAL) Nomination Vice-Chancellor’s Award for teaching staff member

Research Awards:

2018 Macquarie Emerging Scholars Award

2012 Cecelia Connelly Memorial Scholarship in Underwater Archaeology from the Women Divers Hall of Fame (USA) ‘recognizing outstanding contributions to the exploration, understanding, safety and enjoyment of our underwater world’

Recent research Grants:
2018 Chief Investigator (CI). Sustainable Past of maritime Kiribati?: Historical and ethnographic adaptations of Kiribati people to a changing natural environment.
Global Challenges Fund, University of Wollongong

2017–2020 CI. Coastal Cultural Landscapes of the Saudi Red Sea: Landscapes and Environments of late Holocene Red Sea ports of trade,Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Geological Survey [not used in 2018 due to permit issues]
GeoQuest Seed Grant [not used in 2018]
Centre for Archaeological Science Small Strategic Grant [not used in 2018]

2016-2017 CI. Geoarchaeological and environmental research of the fluvial landscape of SEB area in Mahastangarh, Bangladesh.
French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2013–2010 CI. Landscape survey in Berenike, Egypt
The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Poland scholarship

2012 CI. Geophysical (GPS) survey of the site of Berenike in 2013, Egypt
The Griffith Egyptological Fund from the Faculty of Oriental Studies, The University of Oxford

2012 Named on the grant. Levallois tradition Epigons in the Middle Nile Valley. The latest Middle Palaeolithic settlement in Affad Basin (Northern Sudan)
The Polish National Centre of Science

2011 CI. Geomorphologial survey in the vicinity of the ancient trade centre of Muziris, India
Thomas Whitcombe Green Fund, Craven Committee, The University of Oxford

2011 CI. Study of seafaring, shipbuilding and navigation on the Malabar coast, India
Anderson Fund, Society for Nautical Research

2011 CI. Geoarchaeological survey of the ancient port of Pattanam, India
Hugh Chapman Memorial Fund, Roman Studies

Key responsibilities


Ania currently teaches within the Archaeology and History programme at Flinders and is actively involved in research projects in Egypt, Lebanon and East Africa. She is also developing research and student exchange programmes with a number of Mediterranean countires and will spend some of the 2019 as a Visiting Professor at Universita di Roma Tor Vergata in Italy.

Expert Member

International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM)
Australia-New Zealand Joint Working Group on Risk Preparedness for Cultural Heritage
International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS Australia)

Advisory Boards Member

Centre for Ancient Cultural Heritage and Environments (CACHE), Macquarie University, Sydney

Affiliated Fellow

Centre for Archaeological Science (CAS), University of Wollongong
Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS), University of Wollongong

Topic coordinator
ARCH1002 From the Palaeolithic to Pompeii: An Exploration of World Archaeology
Topic lecturer
ARCH1001 Discovering Archaeology
ARCH8017 Cultural Heritage and the Law
ARCH1006 Sex, Death and Ritual in the Ancient World
Higher degree by research supervision
Associate supervisor: Classical Maritime and Landscape Archaeology - Greece, Archaeology and Biogeography of artificial islands in Solomon Islands archipelago
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