Dr Aris Alexopoulos

Senior Lecturer

College of Science and Engineering

Dr Alexopoulos has research interests in many areas of mathematics and theoretical physics. He also holds the position of research physicist at the Defence Science and Technology Group, Department of Defence. Some of the research topics of interest to Dr Alexopoulos include:

  •    Quantum Mechanics
  •    Information Geometry and Relative Entropy Theories
  •    Classical and Quantum Information Theory
  •    Special and General Relativity
  •    Metamaterials
  •    Effective Medium Theories
  •    Mathematical Statistics and Probability
  •    Fractional Calculus
  •    Defence Science Research

Dr Alexopoulos is committed to the establishment of strong R&D ties between Flinders University and the Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG).

  • Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours (BSc (Hons)-H1), School of Physics, La Trobe University.

  Thesis (BSc): The Path Integral Method in Quantum Mechanics

  Thesis (BSc-Honours): Quantum Mechanical Tunnelling Processes

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Department of Physics, Monash University

  Thesis: An investigation of the Effects of 2-Body Interactions in an Effective Medium Theory

Honours, awards and grants

Some past awards include:

  • Australian Postgraduate Research Award
  • NATO-Advanced Study Institute Award
  • Monash University Overseas Study Grant (USA)
  • Department of Physics Monash University Grants for Conference Attendance (Australia two-times, Europe once, USA once).
  • Monash University Grant to Attend Overseas Conference/Workshops (Europe and USA).
  • Queen's Trust Award: Awarded to conduct research overseas at Michigan State University, USA.