Mr Ben Riley

Academic Status

College of Medicine and Public Health

+61 8 81824911
place Margaret Tobin Building
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia
  • Senior therapist, Flinders Aboriginal Gambling Therapy Service, 2017-current
  • Senior cognitive behavioural therapist, Statewide Gambling Therapy Service, 2006-2017
  • Cognitive behavioural therapist, Centre for Anxiety and Related Disorders, flinders Medical Centre (part-time) and senior social worker CNAHS homess team; 2004-2005
  • Mental health social worker and program manager for homelessness, CNAHS Enfield Continuing Care Team; 2002-2004
  • Social worker, Cleland House Glenside Campus; 1999-2002

PhD Candidate (current) Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Flinders University

Master of Mental Health Sciences Flinders University

Bachelor of Social Work Flinders University

Bachelor of Music University of Adelaide

Key responsibilities
  • Clinican with Flinders Aboriginal Gambling Therapy Service
  • Supervision of student clinical placements
  • Research
Research interests

My current interests involve the experiences of families of problem gamblers where the gambler is not seeking help. Literature is limited in the area of familes of problem gamblers and most of what is available concerns families where the gambler is help seeking. I am interested in those families where the gambler does not recognise they have a problem, or does but is resistant to addressing it. My current research involves a series of qualitative interviews with partners of non-treatment seeking problem gamblers. This data will help guide the development of a unilateral intervention for families of non help seeking problem gamblers to help them motivate the gambler to seek help.

Teaching interests

Regularly run a variety of workshops for Masters Mental Health Sciences program including

  • Anxiety Disorders workshops (introduction to anxiety disorders, social phobia, panic disorder, OCD)
  • Problem gambling
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Further information

As I do not check my Flinders university email daily, the best email to contact me on is



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