Dr Brooke Spaeth

Research Fellow in International Centre for Point-of-Care Testing

College of Medicine and Public Health

place Health Sciences (3.30)
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide 5001, South Australia

Brooke joined the Centre in February 2010 as a Research Assistant after completing a Bachelor of Medical Science degree at Flinders University in 2008, and then an Honours project with the Centre in 2009 which evaluated the effectiveness of Point-of-Care Testing in the Northern Territory.

Brooke is the Point-of-Care Coordinator for the Northern Territory Point-of-Care Testing Program. In 2015, Brooke was successful in her first grant from the Emergency Medicine Foundation to evaluate the cost effectiveness of the Northern Territory Point-of-Care Testing Program. Results from the grant research were positive with the research indicating potential cost savings to the Northern Territory health system were in excess of $20 million per annum.

Brooke was also the Device and Quality Coordinator for the QAAMS Program from 2010 until 2015.

Brooke’s other interests include point-of-care testing for infectious disease, focusing on point-of-care tests for malaria in low resource settings as well as using point-of-care testing for the judicious use of antibiotics in developed countries.


Brooke has now also completed a PhD thesis based on her previously published works an extensive experience and knowledge in establishing Point-of-Care Testing networks in the most remote and challenging locations.

Teaching interests

Brooke is a lecturer for the topic on point-of-care testing in the Bachelor of Medical Science degree, entitled: Point-of-Care Testing: Application, Management and Effectiveness (MDSC 3100).

Topic lecturer
MDSC3100 Point-of-Care Testing: Application, Management and Effectiveness